Don’t Throw it Out!

23 Feb

How many books, blogs, and conversations center around downsizing, simplifying, getting rid of your junk, de-cluttering your house? How often have you thought to yourself, “Man, I should really go through my stuff and get rid of the trash and trinkets and clothes I don’t need!”? And you’re right! You should! And they’re right, everyone should de-clutter, be more feng-shuei (or whatever, with the mirrors and shit). But, guess what? I like my junk! I like collecting it, I like watching it build up in the dusty corners of my house, I like admire it and think about all of the hypothetical situations in which it might come in handy (some of which I will be going over in this blog). I don’t want to get rid of my junk! If you feel the same way and need some moral support or some good (and terrible) excuses for keeping it, follow this blog!

I’ll be posting humiliating pictures of my junk (hehehhe) on here as well as coming up with reasons for why I shouldn’t have to get rid of it. So, fear not, all you junk collectors (except for the people on Hoarders. They’re just creepy! There are no good reasons for collecting rotting meat unless you’re, like, a wolf or lion or something), you are not alone! 

Junk That I Love


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